Szkolenie The Andrija Stampar Summer Educational & Tutoring School (ASSETS)

12.06.2019 r. Stowarzyszenie The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER) zaprasza na szkolenie pt. The Andrija Stampar Summer Educational & Tutoring School (ASSETS), które odbędzie się w Brukseli, w dniach 15-20 lipca 2019 r.

The Andrija Stampar Summer Educational & Tutoring School is an exclusive educational mentoring programme providing a unique skills building experience. Instead of a classical school with lectures, faculty members engage with participants as expert mentors. Participants are asked to bring forward professional challenges in the field of public health and within the expertise of the faculty. These will be used as study material for group work providing a hands on experience whilst mentoring students to reach their full potential. In addition, and as a source of inspiration, a daily keynote speech will be presented through a faculty member. You can retrieve more details in the attached programme. With only 6 weeks left to the start of the ASSETS, we urge you to reserve your spot and not miss out on this exclusive initiative with a world-class faculty.
The ASSETS 2019: