Information on the currently anticipated completion date of the extraordinary mode of operation of the Jagiellonian University

08-th of April 2020. We would like to inform that the currently foreseen date of the completion of the extraordinary mode of operation of the Jagiellonian University, including the Institute of Public Health, is 15-th of May 2020. The extraordinary mode of operation has been introduced due to the need to counteract the spread of […]

WHO courses on the COVID-19 pandemic

30-th of March 2020 Among a growing number of information sources on the COVID-19 pandemic, the WHO has also created the possibility of attending open e-learning courses, which have been made available via the OpenWHO platform: COVID-19: Operational Planning Guidelines and COVID-19 Partners Platform to support country preparedness and response: The courses include […]

Information for students of the Institute of Public Health on the temporary suspension of teaching activities and the changed mode of operation of the university

14-th of March 2020.  In association with efforts to prevent and combat COVID-19, teaching activities carried out by universities supervised by the Minister of Science and Higher Education have been suspended between 12-th of March 2020 and 25-th of March 2020. This also applies to education in all fields of study conducted by our Institute […]

One-month field research and study trip of students from The University of Copenhagen

12-th of March 2020 The Institute of Public Health of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Jagiellonian University Medical College, in cooperation with the University of Copenhagen, organizes regularly for students from Denmark – Master’s degree in Global Health, a special program based on a one-month field research and study trip. Between 24 February […]

Visit of students and employees of Maastricht University

26-th of December 2019 In the last week of November (25-29.11.2019) we hosted students and employees of Maastricht University, European Public Health – Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. Students had the opportunity to listen to lectures by: Prof. Grażyna Jasieńska, Prof. Włodzimierz Włodarczyk, Prof. Mariusz Duplaga, Dr. Magdalena Kozeli, Dr. Michał Zabdyra-Jamroz, Dr. […]