Post-graduate courses

Postgraduate programme: Management of health care units

The postgraduate programme Management of health care units has been conducted continuously since 1991. At the beginning, the School of Public Health offered two-year courses in hospital management and public administration dedicated to managerial personnel of the Polish health care system. The first programme was based on the curricula of the Harvard School of Public Health in the area of policy and management in health care. Over the years our institution has offered two-year daily post-graduate study and part-time study.

In 2007 the programme was modified and the current programme is divided into two semesters of part-time study.
The main goal of this study is to provide the Students with up to date knowledge and practical skills in the area of management: organization, coordination, planning and monitoring of health care units.
Target group: our study is dedicated to health care managers or people, who are preparing and planning to start this career.

The program is divided into two semesters and consists of seven modules:

1. Introduction to the management of health care units
2. The main tools and methods of health care management
3. Human resource management in the health care system
4. Management of materials (management supplies) and property
5. Financial management in health care units
6. Innovation and change management in health care units
7. Marketing and public relations in the health care system

We have won 1st place twice in the ranking organized by magazine “Health care manager” as the best school offering training in the area of health care management.
So far we have educated more than 1200 graduates, who are employed now in many organisations in the Polish health care system, such as: Ministry of Health, National Health Fund, Regional self-governmental units, sanitary inspection and many others.