Post-graduate courses

Postgraduate programme: Management of health care units (Polish-language)

of the one-year study is for the participant to acquire modern knowledge and practical skills in organizing, coordinating and monitoring the activities of health care units. The program is directed at developing the participant’s skills in: solving organizational problems, planning development strategies, efficient decision-making and effective leadership of teams of employees.


persons holding or preparing to hold managerial positions in public and non-public health care units, institutions related to public health, health insurance, environmental health, i.e. health care units in the broad sense, and all those interested in management issues in health care.



  • The longest in Poland, 30 years of experience in this type of education – the Institute of Public Health of the Jagiellonian University’s Collegium Medicum (until 1997, the School of Public Health) began training health care managers in postgraduate studies in the management of health care facilities as early as 1991, as the first center in the country.
  • The study program is based on international experience resulting from many years of cooperation with a number of leading university and professional training centers (including the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, the United States), as well as with the HOPE Foundation, USAiD, PHARE Foundation, and the World Bank.
  • More than 1,200 Graduates of our postgraduate program, many of whom hold key leadership positions in key regional, national and even international health institutions.
  • The course curriculum is based on a needs analysis conducted among our participants and graduates and adapted to the current conditions of the system.
  • A significant part of the classes are taught by excellent practitioners who deal with management problems on a daily basis.
  • Among our lecturers are eminent specialists with a recognized reputation for expertise in Poland and around the world, drawing on international experience gained from our Institute’s long-standing cooperation with leading universities and research centers.
  • The reputation of the Jagiellonian University, Krakow’s Collegium Medium and the oldest School (now: Institute) of Public Health founded in 1991, mainly to train management personnel for the health sector.
  • Leading place in the Ranking of the best schools educating managers for the health care system in Poland, conducted by the magazine “Menadżer Zdrowia” for postgraduate studies in management.


6 thematic modules (total 207 hours), weekend classes (about 13 sessions), total 2 semesters (1 year); lectures, exercises, seminars and computer classes.



External environment of the medical facility: Health care organization – key stakeholders in the system, Health care policy and its impact on the operation of health care units, Economic environment, Basic legal regulations on health care entities, Security and protection of personal data;

Basic tools and methods of healthcare management: Fundamentals of healthcare management, Information systems in healthcare entities, Operational management in healthcare entities, Strategic planning in healthcare entities, Crisis management;

Resource management in healthcare entities: Human resources/human resources policy, Leadership and team management, Time management, Negotiations in healthcare, Selected elements of Polish and EU labor law, Selected elements of investment law/public procurement law, Drug management in healthcare entities;

Financial management in health care entities: Health care contracting and contracting regulations, Cost accounting and management accounting in health care entities, Financial management in health care entities;

Innovation and change in healthcare entities: Managing Change Projects in Health Sector Organizations, Restructuring Health Care Units, Hospital Based Health Technology Assessment (HB-HTA), Telemedicine;

Image building and public relations in health care: Marketing of health care services, Public relations, Quality management vs. image of a health care facility, Legal liability of a health care unit.

The study ends with the preparation and defense of a written thesis. The condition for admission to the defense of the thesis is obtaining credits from all subjects included in the curriculum.



Completed second-degree or single master’s degree; admissions are held without a qualification procedure – the order of application is decisive. It is necessary to submit the required documents:

an original or a copy of the diploma of completed higher education,
personal questionnaire of the candidate for studies (download PDF)

Documents, with the note: Postgraduate Studies: Management of Health Care Units, should be addressed to:

Institute of Public Health UJ CM,
ul. Skawińska 8, 31- 066 KRAKÓW

or submit in person at the Postgraduate Studies Office (room 302) between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm.



Recruitment deadline: from 18.09.2023 to 05.01.2024.

Beginning of studies: 17.02.2024 r.


COST: The fee for the entire study is 5900,00 PLN and is payable in two installments of 2950,00 PLN each.



Monika Duszka – Office of Postgraduate Studies
Institute of Public Health, JU MC, room 302

8 Skawińska St., 31-066 Kraków
tel. (012) 433 28 22


DIRECTOR OF STUDIES: dr Pawel Lipowski