Urszula Marcinkowska PhD


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Participation and coordination of research projects

  1. „Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? The study of a relationship between women’s fertility and facial attractiveness, symmetry and perceived health.” 2018-2019, Fulbright Foundations Visiting Scholar Program, Senior Award, Yale University
  2. „Relation between changes in hormonal levels and social relations of women” (no. K/DSC/004283), 2017-2018
  3. „Influence of men’s tattoos on their perceived attractiveness and health” (no. K/ZDS/004696 2014-2015), 2016-2017
  4. „Levels of hormones and sexual selection – innovative perception on human sexual preferences” (no. 2014/12/S/NZ8/00722), 2014-2018, post-doc grant FUGA 3, Polish National Science Centre



  1. Prize for the best poster on annual European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association Conference, United Kingdom
  2. Prize for The New Investigator of the Year 2017, granted by European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association
  3. Best Phd Thesis of the Acadmic year 2013-2014 Award on Turku University, (Finlandia)


Chosen presentations on national and international conferences

  1. U.M. Marcinkowska, 2014, Cross-cultural variation in men’s preference for sexual dimorphism in women’s faces, plenary talk, Nordic Evolutionary Psychology Meeting, Lammi, Finland
  2. U.M. Marcinkowska, 2016, Animal Instincts – evolutionary bases of human attractiveness” plenary talk, Students Conference of Evolutionary Biology, Cracow, Poland
  3. U.M. Marcinkowska, 2017, La donna è mobile (?). Digressions on hormones and women’s sexual preferences and activity, plenary talk, European Human Behavior and Evolution Association annual conference, Paris, France


Membership in national and international organizations

  1. European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association, member since 2010, member of the board since 2015 (out-reach officer)
  2. Polish Association for Human and Evolution Studies, member from 2014, V-ve President from 2017



Reviewer for:

Personality and Individual Differences,

Evolution and Human Behavior,

Behavioral Processes,


Anthropologie – International Journal of the Science of Man


Organizational committees:

European Human Behavior and Evolution Association Workshop 2017, Cracow

Annual Conference of Polish Association for Human and Evolution Studies