Cooperation with University of Copenhagen


The Institute of Public Health of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Jagiellonian University Medical College (JU MC) has been cooperating with the University of Copenhagen for many years within the European Public Health Master EUROPUBHEALTH programme. Since 2013, both institutions have been working closely together to build a joint curriculum for students from the Copenhagen School of Global Health. For the first time, in May 2014, the Institute of Public Health JU MC hosted for five weeks the Global Health students, who within their study programme conducted research in Krakow. This research has been focused on the selected aspects of the functioning of health care systems of the Central and Eastern European countries, based on the example of Poland. Since then, many lectures and seminars on health, management and financial issues of the Polish health care system have been organized. All lecturers have been coming from the Institute of Public Health JU MC. The students from Copenhagen also visited various health care institutions and organizations in Kraków (such as the Jagiellonian University Children’s Hospital of Krakow) and other institutions involved in health care and public health of the Małopolska region ( for example the Department of Health and Social Policy at the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Region). The Contact person from the Institute of Public Health JU MC has been Dr. Ewa Błaszczyk-Bębenek.
The second form of our collaboration with the University of Copenhagen is the Cardiometabolic Course, organized regularly by the Institute of Public Health JU MC since 2017. During a one-month course, the students are following the pathway of a Polish cardiac patient: from the GP to the rehabilitation treatment, including the institution responsible for implementing prevention programmes in the area of cardiovascular diseases. Within this programme, the students are visiting primary health care institutions, cardiac ambulatory centre and clinic, as well as the rehabilitation centre located in the Polish mountains and the NGO implementing anti-smoking campaigns on a nationwide level. During many intense meetings, the students have an exceptional and rare opportunity to learn and discuss the situation of a cardiac patient in Poland, with doctors, managers, principals and academics. Additionally, the programme offers a vast range of other activities, such as classes led by the Institute’s staff, journal clubs, meetings with mentors before visits at various organizations. This is in order to provide the primary overview of a particular segment of the health care system. Furthermore, the programme is filled with many social activities.