The Open Day of the Jagiellonian University

On 23 of March 2018, the Jagiellonian University (the Department of Communications and Marketing of the Jagiellonian University and 16 university faculties, as well as the Student Government of the Jagiellonian University) organized an annual Open Day for secondary school students, who are in the process of deciding to continue their education and choosing their university or field of study. This year’s Open Day attracted a lot of attention of young people. They visited in large numbers the stands, mostly led by students, but also partially by academics. The attendance at lectures, delivered by the academic staff, was also high. Many people, including employees and students of the Jagiellonian University, were intensively involved in the organization of these events. At the level of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the coordination was carried out by Dr Anna Leja-Szpak, the Dean’s Plenipotentiary for Promotion.

A large number of the staff and students of the Institute of Public Health did also contribute directly to the success of the Open Day, by actively taking part in it and devoting their time.

Professor Grażyna Jasieńska delivered one of the four main open lectures at the Jagiellonian University’s Auditorium Maximum.

Dr. Ewa Błaszczyk-Bębenek, Dr. Ilona Nenko, Dr. Monika Ścibor, Ms. Sylwia Wójcik, Dr. Bartosz Balcerzak, Dr. Andrzej Galbarczyk and Mr. Rafał Nowak, as well as the students, Ms. Patrycja Nawojowska, Ms. Marika Piczak, Ms. Martyna Podsiadło, Ms. Anita Zalisz and Ms. Joanna Żyrek (from the Department of Environmental Health, the Department of Health Promotion, the Department of Human Nutrition, the Department of Drug Management and the Scientific Students’ Units). Thanks to these people, the lecture hall at Michałowskiego Street was “full to bursting” with such a large number of listeners, and the stands were so popular among the students.

Ms. Katarzyna Badora-Musiał prepared excellent leaflets, posters and an internet banner, advertising the courses of studies at the Institute of Public Health.

Dr Beata Piórecka prepared a visual presentation making conversations with the students more attractive, using the photos provided by her colleagues.

Ms. Sylwia Sala helped to develop the final shape and form of leaflets, posters and presentations. The fact that she had previously established numerous contacts with high schools in Krakow area by mail did help to disseminate information about the Open Day and ensure such a high attendance.

Ms. Ewa Dobrogowska-Schlebush prepared and launched a new version of institute’s website before the Open Day, in cooperation with her colleagues from other departments, while the Marketing Team operating at the institute, developed several detailed organisational solutions.

We hope that the Open Day has broadened the scientific interests and the knowledge horizons among many young people, many of whom will become students of the Jagiellonian University, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Institute of Public Health in the coming years!

prepared by T. Bochenek and Ch. Sowada