Visit of students and employees of Maastricht University

26-th of December 2019

In the last week of November (25-29.11.2019) we hosted students and employees of Maastricht University, European Public Health – Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. Students had the opportunity to listen to lectures by: Prof. Grażyna Jasieńska, Prof. Włodzimierz Włodarczyk, Prof. Mariusz Duplaga, Dr. Magdalena Kozeli, Dr. Michał Zabdyra-Jamroz, Dr. Bartosza Balcerzak, Dr. Ewa Błaszczyk-Bębenek from the Institute of Public Health, Department of Health Sciences, Jagiellonian University CM and Prof. Krzysztof Krajewski from Jagiellonian University. The practical dimension of students’ visits to Krakow was complemented by visits to units related to the health care system in Krakow.  Students also met with representatives of, among others, the Salus Publica Foundation or the Monar House in Krakow. They also visited the University Children’s Hospital in Kraków Prokocim and the City Care Centre for the Elderly, the Chronically Disabled and the Unaccompanied in Kraków. Our guests also learned about the history of the Jagiellonian University during a visit to the Collegium Maius museum and could follow the development of pharmacy in Poland thanks to a visit to the Museum of Pharmacy of the Jagiellonian University. Their stay was additionally enriched by numerous tours of Krakow – Old Town and Nowa Huta. The whole visit was supervised by Dr. Ewa Błaszczyk-Bębenek together with students and trainees from the Institute of Public Health. We would like to thank all the people involved in the organization and course of the visit.

See you next year with another group of students from Maastricht University!