Visit of Maastricht University students

25th of November 2021 

One would like to say: “Long time, no see” 😊. Last week, the Institute of Public Health hosted Maastricht University after a break related to the pandemic. For many years, such visits were held “in the real world”. This time, for safety reasons, the workshop visit was made remotely. Over 80 people from the University of Maastricht participated in the online meetings. 

Students not only were able to listen to the lectures provided by our faculty members and asked them questions, but also were able to take part in the virtual visit at the Clinical Department of Diseases and Geriatrics of the University Hospital in Krakow and the NGO company – Cogito Laboratory, which cooperates with the Department of Environmental Psychiatry, Chair of Psychiatry, Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University. We would like to use this occasion and thank the above-mentioned units for hosting our guests and showing them what the functioning of the Polish health care system looks like in practice. After their reactions and lively discussion, we conclude that although the visit took place online, it aroused great interest. 

We hope that next year, in September, it will be possible to organize a real, not virtual. We also would like to encourage all students of both our faculties to get involved in organizing the visit. It will be an opportunity to meet colleagues from many European countries who are studying at the University of Maastricht. Or maybe an inspiration to apply for studies at this university under the Erasmus program? 😊