The summing-up of the attendance of the Institute of Public Health in the Festival of Science and Art in Krakow 2019

22-nd of May 2019

“Public health is the future!” – it was this year’s theme prepared by the Institute of Public Health for the 19th Festival of Science and Art in Krakow. The festival, which took place on 16-18th of May 2019, was held under the slogan: “Science in the future. The future in science”.

For three days, the Festival participants were able to take a wonderful journey to health, together with students and employees of the Institute of Public Health. The future of public health is undoubtedly connected with the use of information, communication technologies and new media, which was proved during the Festival by students of the Scientific Group working at the Department of Health Promotion. Students of the Scientific Group from the Human Nutrition Department talked about the secrets of longevity diet. Together we set off on a journey to a long life in good health used the educational board. Visitors to our stand could also check whether they are at risk of overweight or obesity – thanks to the presence of employees of the Human Nutrition Department and hear lecture “Business plan for life (professional), business plan for health (public)” prepared by staff from the Department of Health Policy and Management.