Ranking of Study Directions 2019 issued by the “Perspektywy” Education Foundation – our Public Health comes first again!

18-th of June 2019.

We are happy to inform that also this year, in the newest nationwide ranking of higher education institutions (“Perspektywy 2019”), the studies in Public Health at the Institute of Public Health of the Faculty of Health Care, the Jagiellonian University Medical College in Krakow, have been awarded the first position, in the category of “Ranking of Study Directions”.

The first positions in rankings have been taken by the majority of study directions offered at the Jagiellonian University Medical College, including: medical analytics, dietetics, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, cosmetology, nursing and midwifery. The Jagiellonian University has become the vice-leader in the category of “Ranking of Universities”, ranking the first in such groups of criteria, as: academic prestige, scientific potential and opinion of staff.

The ranking methodology of “Perspektywy 2019” utilizes very comprehensive criteria and indicators, which makes it one of the most extensive educational rankings in the world. This is yet another reason why it is worthwhile to study Public Health with us in Krakow!

(source: http://ranking.perspektywy.pl/RSW2019/ranking-kierunkow-studiow/kierunki-medyczne-i-o-zdrowiu/zdrowie-publiczne)


Prepared by: Tomasz Bochenek