Participation of the Institute of Public Health in this year’s Science and Art Festival

13-th of June 2018

This year’s Science and Art Festival in Krakow was attended by the employees of the Department of Human Nutrition, the Department of Health Promotion, the Department of Health Policy and Management, and the Department of Health and Environment, together with students of the Students’ Scientific Circle (SSC) at the Department of Human Nutrition, as well as students of the SSC of Health Promotion. Students of the SSC at the Department of Human Nutrition prepared educational materials in the form of a pyramid of a proper nutrition and physical activity, and posters informing about the impact of a diet on a brain’s functioning. The visitors could also taste portions of different kinds of healthy nuts, test themselves for stress, get advice and guidance from a psychologist, and get acquainted with the AFAST application, which supports the rehabilitation of speech disorders caused by, among others, a stroke, head injury or dementia. During the Festival, students of the SSC at the Human Nutrition Department evaluated the nutritional status of persons visiting our stand. It was possible to learn the body’s own composition, including the content of fatty tissue, with used of the bioimpedance scales. During the Festival, the audience could also listen to a lecture entitled: “Business plan for life – professional, business plan for health – public, that is, how to approach it?”.

Sylwia Wójcik, Ewa Błaszczyk-Bębenek