Participation of the Institute of Public Health in the Open Day of the Jagiellonian University 2019

14th of April 2019

This year’s Open Day of the Jagiellonian University (JU), organized by the Department of Communications and Marketing of the JU, Faculties of the JU, as well as the Student Council of the JU, took place on 22 March 2019. It was organized with a special focus on secondary school students, especially those who are soon going to make important decisions about choosing their higher education institution or field of studies. Many persons, employees and students of the JU, including the Institute of Public Health, were intensively involved in the organization of the Open Day.

The Institute of Public Health prepared two stands this year. The first one, under the motto “Health promotion in the web: what is mHealth?”, was prepared by the Department of Health Promotion, with participation of Ms. Sylwia Wójcik and students from the Students’ Scientific Unit of Health Promotion; these were Mr. Maciej Furman, Ms. Marlena Kostrzejowska, Ms. Iwona Kowalik, Ms. Karolina Sobecka, Ms. Aleksandra Starnawska, Ms. Monika Szlachta, Ms. Katarzyna Szulc and Ms. Aleksandra Wojtarowicz. Among others, applications related to E-Health were presented, such as: Google Assistant, Diabeto and Samsung’s electronic gadgets.

The stand under the motto “Simple measurements important for health” was prepared by the Department of Human Nutrition and the Department of Epidemiology and Population Studies, with participation of Dr. Ewa Błaszczyk-Bębenek, Dr. Magdalena Kozela, Dr. Agnieszka Ostachowska-Gąsior, Dr. Beata Piórecka and Dr. Jaśmina Żwirska, as well as the students from the Scientific Unit at the Human Nutrition Department – Ms. Kamila Parzonka and Ms. Natalia Drapała, with help of Ms. Aleksandra Lisicka and Ms. Urszula Ambroży. The anthropometric measurements were carried out, including analysis of body composition and exposure to tobacco smoke, by measuring concentration of carbon monoxide in exhaled air.

The offer prepared by the Institute of Public Health included also two lectures: “What liaises economics with health? That is, how to effectively spend money on health?” (Prof. Christoph Sowada) and “Where do medicines come from, and who pays for them when we need them in case of illness?” (Dr. Tomasz Bochenek).

The provision of promotional materials was handled by Ms. Sylwia Sala, while Dr. Magdalena Kozela coordinated the overall offer of the Institute of Public Health.

We hope that this year’s Open Day has broadened the scientific interests and knowledge horizons of young guests, at least some of whom will become future students of the Jagiellonian University, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Institute of Public Health!


prepared by Tomasz Bochenek & Christoph Sowada