Invitation to Salzburg Seminar on Economic Evaluation in Healthcare between 22-nd and 28-th of November 2020

14-th of July 2020

From 22-nd to 28-th of November 2020 the one-week PhD course “Economic Evaluation in Healthcare” will take place in Schloss Arenberg, Salzburg, Austria. This seminar is organized within a series of Salzburg Medical Seminars of the Open Medical Institute, which is a global educational initiative founded by the American Austrian Foundation. The organizers of the seminar are the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER) – Working Group on Economic Evaluation in Healthcare in Europe, together with the Maastricht University –  School for Public Health and Primary Care (CAPHRI).

The seminar is targeted primarily to the English speaking, mid-career level, practicing physicians with teaching responsibilities from Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the former Soviet Union and Africa. Among the speakers there are going to be two academicians of the Institute of Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, Jagiellonian University Medical College – dr Marzena Tambor and dr Tomasz Bochenek.

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