First prize for the students of Public Health at UJCM

The work entitled “The impact of sociodemographic factors on health behaviors in middle and late adolescence” prepared by students of Public Health at UJCM, Mr. Maciej Furman and Karolina Sobecka as part of the activity of the Student Research Group of Health Promotion won first prize at the session “Public health “Conference of the International Medical Students’ Conference 2018.

The conference took place on 19-21 April 2018 in Krakow. The work concerned the assessment of the impact of socio-demographic factors on the health behavior of secondary school students. The study covered 260 high school students from the Małopolska province.

Among the important results described in the paper, it is worth pointing out the lack of gender-specific differences in the frequency of cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. In addition, it turned out that young people from families where both parents work more often consumed alcohol, smoked cigarettes and used psychoactive drugs than young people from other families. Factors conducive to greater consumption of fruit and vegetables were higher education or work abroad, at least one of the parents.