A bilateral agreement between public health institutions from Poland and France in the emergency context of the war in Ukraine

23rd of July 2022

The Jagiellonian University Medical College (JUMC) in Krakow, Poland, and the EHESP School of Public Health, in Rennes, France, institutional partners already for about three decades, signed a new agreement on 20 July 2022 in Krakow. This is to support Ukrainian refugee students and researchers, as well as academic activities focusing on public health aspects of war, by financial and operational modalities of collaboration with a grant of 10,000 €. The agreement is to be implemented at the Institute of Public Health (IPH) of the Faculty of Health Sciences of JUMC.


The cooperation between JUMC and EHESP will include a support programme to facilitate the integration of Ukrainian refugee students wishing to study public health at the IPH in Krakow, including the possibility of taking modules or doing internships at the EHESP. Academicians from Ukrainian higher education institutions, including also refugees, will benefit from this, particularly if they wish to initiate or continue their scientific research related to public health problems at the IPH in Krakow, or make short stays at the EHESP in Rennes.


It will be possible, for master degree or doctor degree students from the EHESP, to do short internships at the IPH in Krakow, in order to participate in training or research activities on topics related to the war situation in Ukraine and public health or refugees’ health problems.


This stage of collaboration between IPH and EHESP is a continuation of a long-lasting process, which has been including e.g. successful work in the framework of the EuroPubHealth / EuroPubHealth+ programme of international Master of Public Health studies or joint  participation in initiatives led by the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER).