Development of the scientific cooperation based on the academic teaching achievements of the Europubhealth+ project

28-th of June 2022.   

Between 16-th and 17-th of June 2022, three representatives of the Institute of Public Health (IPH) of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Jagiellonian University Medical College (Dr habil. Magdalena Kozela, Prof. Mariusz Duplaga and Dr Tomasz Bochenek) took part in a hybrid seminar organized by the University College Dublin. This renowned Irish academic center, together with IPH and six other European universities, participates in training of international students within the Europubhealth+ program, which is a flagship project of the European Union in the field of academic public health (vide: map of the EPH+ project; source: Europubhealth+, European Master in Public Health. ).


The seminar, entitled “STRENGTHENING OUR ACADEMIC COLLABORATION THROUGH RESEARCH. The 1-st Europubhealth+ Consortium Research Seminar”, turned out to be a very valuable initiative, born from the idea that, since our academic centers have been so successful in educating international students within framework of the Europbhealth/Europubhealth+ Master Degree studies for a decade and a half, they could, in parallel to teaching cooperation, develop an equally fruitful and intense scientific and research cooperation as well.


During the seminar, we had the opportunity to present the current achievements of our Institute, as well as to get acquainted with projects being currently carried out at our Partners. We hope that the seminar will result in new joint initiatives and scientific research projects, in the coming months – not only in the field of public health, but also other health sciences.


Prepared by: Tomasz Bochenek